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This 7.5m kidney shaped pool features a curved, almost free form design perfect for creating a tropical resort feel.
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The Rubicon
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Asked Questions

How long does it generally take to install a pool?
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A Rainwise fibreglass pool generally takes around 5-7 days to fully install depending on access. After this initial pool installation process is complete, your pool is now ready for your selected landscaping i.e. paving & fencing to be installed.

What's the difference between a fibreglass and concrete pool?
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In very basic terms and fibreglass pool is a prefabricated pool shell that is manufactured off site and transported to your property to be expertly installed in-ground by a licensed pool builder, whereas a concrete pool is a fully customised, built to measure, site specific pool constructed of concrete & built onsite.

Fibreglass and concrete pools are both great choices - you just need to decide what best meets your needs.

The main benefits of each type are as follows.


Fibreglass pools are by far our most popular choice- and with the following benefits its easy to see why

  • Affordable: Fibreglass pools can typically cost around 25% less to install than a concrete pool. Ongoing costs are also lower due to less maintenance, chemicals and energy consumption.
  • Quicker to install - Their construction time is quicker and more efficient than concrete pools  Fibreglass pools can be installed within a week- concrete can take several months to complete
  • Warm - They are much easier to heat and keep heated, reducing a lot of power usage. Fibreglass pools acts as a natural insulator so it holds in the heat for longer.
  • Easy Care - They require less maintenance - the gel-coating is smooth and non-porous, preventing growth of mould and algae.
  • Environmentally friendly - They require less chemical dosing, meaning less chemicals are used in and around our gardens and families. Less cleaning, less chemicals, easier to heat = less energy consumption = smaller carbon footprint.
  • Built to last - Fibreglass pools are strong & flexible and can handle small ground movements without cracking.

We are so confident about our Fibreglass pools that we offer a 25-year Structural Warranty.


The main reason why our clients select a concrete pool is if they have a very specific size or site requirement and are unable to fit a typical fibreglass shell into their landscaping plans- the main benefits of concrete are as follows.

  • Fully customisable - Customisation is the main benefit of concrete pools- you can draw your dream.  Concrete pools give you complete control of your pool shape, size, width, length and depth.
  • Flexible - you are not limited by the available pool shell shapes like fibreglass: You can make the pool any shape you want.
  • Custom Colour - you can design the pool to feature any colour you want or multiple colours- the sky's the limit as we offer fully tiled concrete pools- you choose your colour scheme from literally 100's of tile options
  • Custom Additions - You can add ledges, alcoves and swim-outs, in built spas, or practically wherever you wish.
Does Rainwise take care of the maintenance and landscaping?
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Rainwise is a complete concept to completion Pool Builder - we can do everything from the standard pool installation right through to paving and fencing.

We have a large range of paving options to select from and we have pool fencing options on display in our showroom to help you visualise your completed project. We can do as much or as little as you like. We are experts at pool building but Rainwise are so much more than just a Pool Builder.

Rainwise has a multi award winning pool shop that is open 6 days a week to service our customers, either in store or via our phone helpline. Rainwise also has a full time mobile service technician to provide a level of service well beyond what one would expect from a typical pool builder.

How much does it generally cost to get a fibreglass pool?
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It is almost impossible to give a price over the phone, although we can give an estimate, we prefer to visit the proposed pool installation address and give an exact site specific, all-inclusive price. Just as our pools range in size from 4m to 25m so do our prices vary, depending on the pool you choose.

Many of our calls are potential clients requesting a ‘ball park figure’. To give you an idea, our most popular pool size over the last 12 months has been pools in our 6m to 7m range and the average starting  price of our 6m to 7m pools fully installed, is approx. $40,000-$50,000. This is just an indication, and prices may decrease or increase depending on what additional features you select and your site.

What goes into the long-term maintenance of my fibreglass pool?
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Once you rainwise pool installation is complete we will schedule  a 'handover'' appointment with you, during the pool handover we will have one of our expert service team run you through everything you need to know about owning and running your specific pool... and don't worry we provide you with a booklet to keep that has all the required information in it,  and we are just a phone call away to provide assistance.  

Although fibreglass pools  traditionally require less maintenance - the gel-coating is smooth and non-porous, preventing growth of mould and algae, there are still some basic pool care requirements. Basic maintenance for a fibreglass pool is as easy as 1-2-3:

1. Clean your pool regularly. This can be done with the flick of a switch on your Robotic Cleaner, (Rainwise have an awesome range of robotic cleaners to take the hard work out of pool cleaning).

2. Check water chemistry. Rainwise will provide you with training during your handover and a testing kit to self test or our store is open 6 days a week and offer free water testing to our pool customers.

3. Run the pool filtration equipment. Rainwise will pre set the running times on your equipment to all happen automatically- all you need to do is to ensure the water level is maintained above the skimmer- it's that easy!

How can I tell that Rainwise will provide me with a premium level of service?
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Rainwise are a true family owned and operated business. Opened in 2006 by Rob & Juliana Styles. Now some 15 years later and with over 1000 pools installed all over Melbourne, we are proud the have the second generation of our  family involved in the business with our son Sam an integral part of our construction team. Our Family Values & Business Philosophy is simple- We are committed to building long term relationships with our team our customers & our community. We lead by example, from start to finish, with an absolute commitment to quality & care. No job is too big or too small.

We always strive for a positive outcome, with value for our clients and reward for our team. In addition to our family we have an amazing team, Our Management, Sales, Service and Installation team have well over a 100 years of combined industry experience. We have team members with qualifications and experienced in everything from, pool building, pool plumbing, landscaping, pool service, pool chemistry, licensed truck drivers, expert machinery operators and expert trained members in or sales, management & building administration team.

We are truly your one stop pool shop that can provide everything from the initial pool selection, permits and installation right through to the ongoing service of your pool. But above all else we provide good old fashion service along with practical competent advice to make sure your experience is a positive one.

What about building permits? Do I need to get one?
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As fully licenced pool builders our in house Administration team are here to help you through the entire process, we take care of all the required works associated with obtaining your building permit. From generating plans to obtaining the required documents it is all taken care on in-house.

What is the access required to install a pool?
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Access is a big factor in pool installation time and cost. The size of the available access will determine what size machinery can be used to complete your excavation? Heavy machinery is required to excavate your pool hole, the bigger the machine we can fit the quicker the excavation process and therefore the less expensive. Excavating a pool hole generally takes 1 day with good access. However, we often work with sites that have very limited access and have machinery to suit this, but these excavations will often run into a second day and this can increase the installation price.

There's so much choice! How do I choose the right pool size?
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With pools in our range from 4m to 25m this is a popular question! We suggest drawing a basic plan of your backyard. Note the distance from the existing dwelling to boundaries, include any other structures in the backyard like sheds and pergolas. Think about the position of existing trees, clothesline or other significant objects. It’s great to also include the size of available access for installation equipment. This will give you an indication of the available area for your new pool.

Note any easements on the plan. If you are not sure, you can access your title and property information at You will not be able to install a pool over the easement, and what is contained in the easement will determine how close to the easement edge we can build.

It is best, if possible to allow a minimum of 1.2m from boundary fences and existing dwellings. This will not only allow sufficient room to move around the pool but it will allow enough access for the backfilling and concreting during the installation process.

Consider the pool in relation to existing or proposed entertaining and outdoor areas. Think about your outdoor furniture when determining how much space will be required outside or inside your pool yard. Think about where you plan to position your pool equipment. (Pumps, filters, chlorinator for example)

Plan your safety barrier while planning your pool. Regulations regarding pool fences can be found at

Contemplate the big picture. Always have the finished project & your landscaping plans in mind. Our quoting team can help with this decision and offer free onsite quoting where we can discuss your plans and options and work with you to make sure we deliver your dream pool.

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