Survey The Property and Grounds
We need to survey the site for access points, paths to bring in machinery, trees or tree stumps, sprinkler systems, underground pipes or any possible obtrusion. For a quick and painless swimming pool installation, thorough surveying is crucial.
Position the Swimming Pool Pattern
We use a full size pattern of your chosen swimming pool to do the final visual test before excavation. This is a chance for you to see and approve of the positioning before any works have begun. It will give you a chance to make any last tweaks to your chosen pool shape, position and size and allow us to confirm access for machinery and assess any potential issues.
Excavate the Swimming Pool Position
We need your help to ensure full access on this day, for example, keeping driveway and road access clear of parked cars. We work with our skilled excavators to make sure everything is going to plan and there are no surprises. Fibreglass Pool excavation jobs can usually be completed within a day, but larger or more complex jobs can take longer. Your Rainwise consultant will advise you of the timeline for your specific job.
Laser Measurement Testing
We have various stages of testing throughout the process to ensure the accuracy and efficiency of your swimming pool installation. While the excavator is on site, we use laser measurement testing devices to double check the sizes and make sure the hole is correct.
Swimming Pool Pipe Trenches
An additional trench next to the swimming pool need to be excavated to allow for swimming pool pipes to access the pump station.
Prepare Crane and Swimming Pool for Installation

We make sure your swimming pool is properly secured on the the crane and prepare the crane for the installation process.
Lower Your Fibreglass Pool into position

We lower your fibreglass swimming pool into position while taking every safety precaution.
Final Pool Adjustments

The last adjustments are made to your pool once it is in the hole. This is where we make sure all of the planning and preparation has been done correctly.
Swimming Pool Backfill

After the plumbing jobs are completed, stabilised sand is used to fill the areas around the pool. Backfilling a swimming pool usually takes about 4 hours but exact timing depends on the pool size and circumstances.
Fill the Swimming Pool and Complete Backfilling

Filling the swimming pool can start once backfilling is nearly finished. Adding the extra weight of the water allows us to finish backfilling and ensure there are no leaks in your fibreglass pool.
Begin Building Steel Reinforced Structural Bond Beam

The steel reinforced structural bond beam is built to secure the fibreglass swimming pool in place and ensure that there is no movement.
Pour the Concrete in Bond Beam Moulds

Concrete is poured into the Bond Beam moulds to lock the pool in place. Steel reinforced concrete bond beams have been found to offer the best support for your fibreglass pool.
Paving the Swimming Pool Area

Paving of your choosing is laid around your fibreglass pool to add the finishing touches to the project. There are many styles and colours to choose from.
Landscaping Pool Area Surroundings

The options for how to landscape your new fibreglass pool area are almost endless. Rainwise can help you choose your style of fencing, water features, statues, outdoor furniture and accompaniments. If there are any services we can’t offer, we can recommend people that do. That way, you know the job will be done right.