Infloor Cleaning

Q360 Infloor System

Saving time & energy one carefree pool at a time.

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Maximum cleaning & circulation efficiency engineered for today's modern pools

• Automatically cleans your pool while you relax
• Circulates water and chemicals to every square inch of your pool
• Independently proven to reduce chemicals and energy costs
• Q360 ® valve circulates with today’s latest energy efficient pumps
• Q360 Performance Plus™ cleaning jets deliver more cleaning distance and more efficiency then ever

Efficiently cleans and circulates in 4 easy steps

Step 1: Variable speed water delivery system

Maximum performance at every RPM

The Q360 ® patented water valve is the heart of the Q360+ cleaning system. The proven track record of this ultra-efficient valve delivers maximum flow with minimal noise and water pressure variations making it the performance leader in the industry.

• Smooth and effective water flow at any pump speed
• 6-port design distributes powerful water to each jet; systematically circulating the complete body of water
• Transparent lid for viewing operation
• 8-veined Power Turbine for smooth energy transfer
• Triple traction gear drive directs water flow
• Two speeds available for maximum efficiency

Step 2: New breakthrough performance jet

Setting new industry standards

Newly engineered Q360 Performance Plus™ cleaning jets feature a nozzle which improves cleaning like never before.

• Enhanced cleaning performance
• 3 selectable nozzle designs for customised cleaning options
• Exclusive Hybrid advancement mechanism provides 360° cleaning
• 5 colour options to blend into any surface

Step 3: The most advanced drain on the market

Remove large debris with beauty and ease

• Blends into any pool surface making it virtually invisible

• Single Source Suction
• Circular design fits any pool shape and style
• Meets all industry anti-entrapment safety regulations
• Compatible with 2” or 2 1/2 ” plumbing
• Made in the USA
• Easy access portal
• Optional Hydrostatic Valve for high water tables
• No stubbing toes
• Flush design, robot cleaners won’t get stuck
• Comes in two colors, White and Gray
• Great for spas and catch basins
• Max allowable pulling power*

Step 4: The largest debris capacity on the market

Combine with the Abyss™ Canister to maximize performance

The Abyss™ containment canister’s innovative design provides the largest debris capacity on the market! The canister captures debris and channels it to the bottom of the basket minimizing flow loss for maximum efficiency. The innovative design keeps heavy debris from interfering with the operation of your pool equipment and filtration system while maintaining steady water flow.

• Designed for maximum flow while allowing for high volume debris
• Conveniently located by the pool equipment for easy access
• Can plumb 2 or more parallel for heavy debris environments
• High capacity basket design
• No unsightly deck lids
• Easy access winterizing plug
• Clear pressure safe lid
• Sized for 2” or 2 1/2” suction lines

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