How Much Will A Swimming Pool Cost?

This probably our most common question and also the most difficult to answer.

How Much?

It is almost impossible to give a price over the phone, although we can give an estimate, we prefer to visit the proposed pool installation address and give an exact site specific, all-inclusive price. Just as our pools range in size from 4mt to 13.5mts so do our prices vary, depending on the pool you choose.

Many of our calls are potential clients requesting a ‘ball park figure’. To give you an idea, our most popular pool size over the last 12 months has been pools in our 7mt range and the average price of our 7mt pools fully installed, is approx $35,000. This is just an indication, and prices may decrease or increase depending on what additional features you select and your site.

There are many factors influencing the price of a pool.

The main things our team will look for during the quoting process are…

1. Access – what size machinery can be used to complete your excavation? Heavy machinery is required to excavate your pool hole, the bigger the machine we can fit the quicker the excavation process and therefore the less expensive. Excavating a pool hole generally takes 1 day with good access. However, we often work with sites that have very limited access and have machinery to suit this, but these excavations will often run into a second day and this can increase the installation price.

2. Soil Conditions – The soil type and the slope of the proposed pool installation area can have an influence on price. Our team will assess the pool installation area and determine if the area requires a site cut to level the yard or, depending on the degree of the slope, perhaps a retaining wall may be required. A flat level site is always best (and least expensive) but we can work with almost any site to find a solution to ensure a perfect pool installation.

Rainwise Pools Melbourne - How Much Will A Swimming Pool Cost? Pool Tips & Info

Dig Day – Part 1

Rainwise Pools Melbourne - How Much Will A Swimming Pool Cost? Pool Tips & Info

Dig Day – Part 2

3. Do you require a Crane? This comes back to the first point of access. After the excavation, we need to lift your chosen pool shell into the prepared hole. If our delivery truck can gain access and drive up near the pool hole, we can often use our own machinery to lift the pool into position. If access will not allow this, we will need to use a crane to lift your shell into place. The cost of the crane will vary depending on how far the lift is. Sometime we can lift from a driveway, this will often be a shorter lift and therefore less expensive. At times, we are required to quote a crane lift from the street. Our expert team will always pre inspect and quote crane lift specific to your site. We will pay particular attention to where power lines may be in relation to the lift area and investigate potential traffic management requirements.

4. What additional features will you choose? There are a huge amount of optional extras you may choose to add to your pool package. How about heating? Solar or gas perhaps? You may wish to add a Water Feature, Spa Jets, cleaners, paving or fencing? Rainwise can do as much or as little as you wish. We offer anything from a simple pool installation to a complete ‘turn key’ package, including paving and fencing.

Rainwise Pools Melbourne - How Much Will A Swimming Pool Cost? Pool Tips & Info

Crane Lift

Rainwise Pools Melbourne - How Much Will A Swimming Pool Cost? Pool Tips & Info

Our Cranes

Want to know exactly how much your dream pool will cost? The best thing to do is to request a member of our expert quoting team to visit your proposed pool installation address. We will discuss exactly what you are looking for and deliver a package perfect for you.

We will put together your ‘Personalised Pool Plan, and provide an all-inclusive price for your consideration. We love what we do and we take care during the quoting process with the aim of providing a complete price quote that includes everything you wish.

Request a quote TODAY!

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