Pool Lighting Hints and Tips

Shine a light on pool lights

It used to be standard to just install a single pool light in the deep end of a pool but now it’s all about LED colour changing pool lighting. Pool lighting will not only illuminate your pool for nighttime swimming; it can now do so much more.

Well positioned pool lights will help create an atmosphere for poolside entertaining at night. Your pool will be just as inviting after dark as it is on a summer’s day.  Pool lighting not only improves pool safety but it also helps your pool become the focal point of your backyard 24 hours a day.

The best idea is to plan your pool lighting early.  The team at Rainwise can help with advice and information. We can advise on the right number, type and position for your pool lighting. Generally, we recommend a minimum of two LED pool lights.

It’s always best to aim your lights so they a facing away from your house & seating areas. You don’t want the lights to shine into people’s eyes, but rather to give a beautiful glow to the water.

Pool lights work differently with light or dark coloured pools. In a lighter colour pool, the LED lighting will give a bright glow at night and a dark pool will be more subdued.

LED Pool Lighting

LED pool lighting is very energy efficient. Your pool lighting can even have fully integrated WIFI and remote control technology. You can control your pool lights with the convenience of your smart phone with an App. Change the colour, mood and brightness of your pool with just one touch.

It’s not just in-pool lighting to consider when planning your pool area. LED lighting can be fitted to a pool water features blade to give a colour-changing glow to a cascading waterfall.  The ‘mini’ range of LED lights can be used in or out of the pool.  Mini lights can be fitted to pool step areas and even used to illuminate a deck area around a pool.

There are many options and ideas when it comes to lighting up your pool and surrounding area. Call the team at Rainwise for more information and a great deal on pool lighting.

Rainwise Pools Melbourne - Pool lighting hints and tips Pool Tips & Info
Water feature with an LED light gives a glow to cascading water.

Rainwise Pools Melbourne - Pool lighting hints and tips Pool Tips & Info
The warm glow of a well lit pool at night.

Rainwise Pools Melbourne - Pool lighting hints and tips Pool Tips & Info
Combination of pool lighting and mini lights in the deck area.

Rainwise Pools Melbourne - Pool lighting hints and tips Pool Tips & Info

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