Swimming Pool Or Holiday?

Why We Choose Pool

A family holiday can be fabulous but owning a pool can be even better… here’s why.

Lasting Investment

Although a family holiday can be great, in most cases, it only lasts a week or two and all you’re left with are memories (and often a hefty credit card bill).

The price of overseas travel with a family can be very high, why not invest that money in your own backyard and holiday all year round? Installing a pool is a significant investment, but it’s a lasting investment.

Owning a pool will not only improve your lifestyle, it can also increase the value, resale appeal & marketability of your home. It’s a win-win!

Why travel when paradise can be just outside your door all year round? Why fight the traffic, the airport or the crowds at the beach when you can have a resort in your own backyard?

Rainwise Pools Melbourne - Swimming Pool Or Holiday? Pool Tips & Info
A peaceful… crowded beach. I’d rather swim at home!

Rainwise Pools Melbourne - Swimming Pool Or Holiday? Pool Tips & Info

Lasting Lifestyle

It’s not just the relaxation and recreation that lasts a lifetime; there are so many more lifelong benefits of pool ownership. Here are just a few…

  • Exercise & therapy
    Pools provide the perfect place for exercise, low impact and wonderful for all ages. No need to head off the gym when you can keep fit in the comfort of your own backyard pool.
  • Parties
    Pools create an entertainment hub. Nothing is better than a raging pool party or a relaxing poolside bbq. Whatever your entertaining style, your pool will be the focal point.
  • Family Time
    Pools promote togetherness. It’s the one place where the kids will have to put the phones and technology down and truly engage.
  • Aesthetics
    There’s just something super relaxing about a water view. Add to that the sound of moving water with the addition of a water feature or deck jets and your pool will provide a not only recreation but also relaxation.
  • Privacy
    If you’ve ever packed up the family and headed to a crowded beach or public pool you will know that it’s not always an enjoyable day. Owning your own pool provides a safe and controlled swimming environment for your family and friends to enjoy how and when you choose. Who wants to swim in a crowded public pool anyway? Yuck!
  • Time
    There is no closing time when you have your own swimming pool. You may prefer and invigorating early morning swim or perhaps a midnight dip after the kids are tucked up in bed. You call the shots when you own the pool!
  • Promotes Sleep
    We all know swimming is great exercise and great for cooling down on a hot summers day, but one of the other great benefits of pool ownership is that it is a fact that swimming helps you (& the kids) sleep. Water helps relax the body and rid stress.

There are so many benefits to pool ownership. Owning a pool is a great investment that will reap rewards for a lifetime. A holiday will end but a pool is a lifelong investment in your home and your family.

Rainwise Pools Melbourne - Swimming Pool Or Holiday? Pool Tips & Info
A peaceful pool you can use at ANY time.

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