The Calm Before the Storm – Pool Care

It is starting to head into the season when heavy rainfall will become more of the occurrence. Here are some pool care tips to help out any pool owner, we have come up with a few pool care dot points on what to do before and after the storm hits.


  • Put all pool toys, outdoor furniture and even pool maintenance equipment away to ensure it doesn’t get damaged
  • Turn off all electrical lines to your pool such as your pump. This will prevent any damage to your pump that may cause issues once you try and turn the pump back on
  • If you have a cover for your pump and filter, ensure it is fitted correctly so that it can protect your pool system.
  • You may even want to check your pool water level prior to heavy rain to prevent the pool from overflowing. (But never lower the pool water level below the skimmer box)
  • Check your water balance in store at Rainwise. The rain will wash many organic contaminants into the water. So, make sure your water balance is in its correct levels
  • Purchase an algaecide (sold at Rainwise’s beautiful pool shop) to add that extra protection from algae growth in your pool
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  • Once the storm has passed, clean out your skimmer basket and pump basket.
  • Then turn your pool pump back on so your filtration system is back in motion.
  • Use your leaf skimmer and scoop up any extra debris floating on the water surface
  • If pool is full or over flowing and you may need to lower the pool water (you want the pool water to be about half way to two thirds up the face of the skimmer box). Do this by turning your valve to waste and once the water has reached its desired level, turn valve back to where it was so the water will run through the system again. (Monitor this carefully, as you never want to empty the pool too far)
  • Test your water once again in Rainwise’s pool store. A big rainfall may dilute the water and your water balance then may be incorrect which can cause harm to users of the pool or pool equipment.

Once the storm has come and gone, you are now ready to swim in your beautiful pool once again. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ring Rainwise on 9354 9666. Or contact us via the website

Or better yet come and visit us at our pool store, 1125 Sydney Rd Coburg, where we can test your water, we have SPASA trained staff & have chemicals in stock ready to give you advice on how to maintain a healthy pool.

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